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*Product Name: Indoor Flagpoles
*Product Code: INDOORFGPL
*Product Material: Fiberglass or Glassfibre
*Product Type: Single Piece Fiberglass Length


Brief Description

Our Indoor Flagpoles are suitable for a suitable variety of uses, they are a good temporary measure for meetings and events. These indoor poles are sold as a kit and include a base plate. There is an option for a single, double or triple version of this product also.


For more information please call our office on 01-5415410 to discuss different options and prices.

Similar Installations


Schools, Clubs, Churches, Pubs, Restaurants, Commercial and , Shops & Events

Additional Uses

These poles are ideal for Rental as they can be easily installed on a temporary basis.


Gold Finial


Please contact us on 01 541 5410 for assistance if required.


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