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Brief Description

The flag at the front of your premises is the first impression your customers will remember you from, that’s why it is important that they are kept clean and in pristine condition.

With our Flag Changing Programme our Service team will make sure that you never have to worry about your flag condition ever again.

We offer a custom flag schedule for our corporate clients who require frequent changes either fortnightly or monthly.


With our Flag Maintenance Programme our customers can avail of the following:

  • Monthly or quarterly flag change
  • No need for delays with custom logo flags we will keep stock of them for you.
  • Emergency call outs service available.
  • Flag repairs and recycling of old flags depending on condition.
  • Flag change programme includes flagpole service.
  • No more need for costly height for hire

Similar Installations

How it works

Depending on your requirements we would propose always to have 2 spare branded flags always available with your logo should it be required: which is the case for the majority of our customers

As standard we offer the following flag maintenance programme service

  • We hold a large supply of Ireland, EU, USA and UK flags in stock. Others can be ordered in on request.
  • On an agreed date we will install your new flags, service your poles including a deep clean from top to bottom, replace halyards if required clips & cleats too.
  • Any old flags will have been removed, we will arrange for them to be washed and repaired if economically viable and then stored at our warehouse.
  • Depending on the frequency required we will schedule the next flag swap for the next period and repeat the above steps.


Schools, Clubs, Churches, Pubs, Restaurants, Commercial and Domestic Properties, Shops, Events to name a few

Additional Uses

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Please contact us on 01 541 5410 for assistance if required.