About Flagmore


The world’s leading manufacturer of fiberglass flagpoles.


World class flagpoles over 30 years.


Our production quality is at an internationally recognized level: we sell our products to Estonia, other European countries as well as North America and Southeast Asia, a total of almost 50 countries, and the demand is growing. Flagpoles are an important domestic export item – we export 95% of our production abroad.


We value honesty, development and efficiency. Our long-term experience is accompanied by continuous growth and learning to provide innovative solutions and keep our products world class.


Our glass fiber flagpoles production in Kose parish, Estonia is ISO 9001 certified since February 2013.


Flagmore flagpole may be an original and long lasting gift to your business partner, your relative, or simply your friend. Flagmore flagpoles do not change color, do not require any special care. They do not rust and are not conductive for electricity. These flagpoles do not have any metal cables or wheels which may brake. These features ensure, that the flagpole will serve you long and without any issues.