At FlagPoles Ireland we can provide a frequent flagpole safety inspection and maintenance service It is very common that once your flagpole is installed and working to have it serviced regularly. The Flagpoles we supply are manufactured from high quality materials so in order to prolong its lifespan it is important to keep it maintained frequently. Depending on its location they can collect dirt and grime through the halyard which will eventually cause it to cease resulting in it becoming jammed.


We recommend that you don’t fly flags in strong winds or rain, when a flag is wet it is approximately 3-4 times its weight when flying putting a lot more pressure on the top of the Flagpole. Remember if it is windy at ground level it will be a great deal stronger at the top of your flagpole, You should never fly any flags in force 7 or above weather conditions.


During our FlagPole inspection we will provide a full documented Health & Safety report individually on each Flagpole detailing its current condition, any signs of fatigue or failure, and replacement parts required, all internal and external pulleys and cogs will also be examined.

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