With health and safety a major factor in business today we strongly recommend converting any external halyard flagpole that is in the public domain such as, Schools, Parks, Playgrounds, Hospitals, Sports Clubs, Social Clubs and similar places where children can often be in the vicinity of an external halyard flagpole. They are very often treated as a climbing frame for many kids and it is only when a child decides to climb one and gets caught in the cleat is when we will know about it.


To avoid this we can offer the facility to convert any flagpole from a External Halyard flagpole to an internal halyard flagpole. We will simple remove the tensioning cleat and replace it with a anti vandal door and new weight.


For more information on this service feel free to contact us on 01-5415410 where we would be delighted to help.


Some of our recent conversions include:


  • Edmonstown Golf Club
  • Bushy Park National School, Galway
  • Glasnevin National School.
door conversion


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