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*Product Code: FGPHIRE
*Product Material: Fibreglass or Aluminium
*Product Type: Single piece sleeved flagpoles


Brief Description

Our classic sleeved flagpoles are ideal for rental as they can be easily installed using a ground steak, ground sleeve or strapped to a fixed support structure. We generally use aluminium poles in the majority of cases as they are easily transported and are of standard height without having to modify them at all. We can provide rental poles up to 8 meters tall overground and can suit standard landscape flags or custom banner flags with rotating banner arms.


For more information, availability and pricing please call our office on 01-5415410.

Similar Installations

Technical Specifications


Schools, Clubs, Churches, Pubs, Restaurants, Commercial and Domestic Properties, Shops, Events to name a few

Additional Uses

These poles are ideal for Rental as they can be easily installed on a temporary basis.


No upgrades available for this item


Please contact us on 01 541 5410 for assistance if required.