Flying the Ireland Nation Flag Etiquette

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Here at FlagPoles Ireland we are very often asked about the correct etiquette or rules about flying the Ireland National Flag so we though it best to outline a few of the common protocols associated with it on a daily basis.

Our downloadable document includes the following topics

  • History of the Ireland Flag
  • Design
  • Flying, Displaying and Placing the Ireland Flag
  • Carrying the National Flag
  • Flying the Ireland Flag at Half Mast
  • Folding the Ireland Flag
  • Raising and Lowering the Ireland Flag
  • Saluting the Ireland National Flag
  • Respect for the Ireland National Flag

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General Etiquette Knowledge for flying the Ireland National Flag

  • Flags should be raised and lowered between the hours of dawn and dusk
  • Ireland Flag should be on a taller flagpole when used with other flags
  • When flying the Ireland flag with other national flags the Ireland flag can be at the same height but must be on the very left hand side as you approach.
  • When flying the Ireland National flag at night it must be illuminated.
  • When flying the Ireland national flag outside of Ireland it should be aligned alphabetically in order.

Document Download

To download document click here.