Our flagpole services are designed to keep your flagpole in a safe working condition. Often positioned near to or overhanging the general public, flags and flagpoles are exposed to continuous movement and at times tremendous strain. We recommend annual maintenance to keep a check on the safety of your flagpole. Browse through our flagpole services and if you require further info please do not hesitate to contact us.

Flagpole Safety Inspections | Flagpole Maintenance | FlagPoles Ireland

Safety Inspections


At FlagPoles Ireland we can provide a frequent flagpole safety inspection and maintenance service.

Flagpole Installation | Flag & Flagpole Specialists | FlagPoles Ireland



All types of flag poles installed from ground mounted to wall mounted for both private and commercial clients.

Flagpole Conversions | Flag & Flagpole Specialists | FlagPoles Ireland



Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to ensure a long and safe life for your flagpole.

Flagpole Conversions | Flag & Flagpole Specialists | FlagPoles Ireland



We provide the facility to convert any flagpole from a External Halyard flagpole to an internal halyard flagpole.

Flagpole Rental

Flagpole Rental


Our classic sleeved flagpoles are ideal for rental as they can be easily installed using a ground steak, ground sleeve…

Flag Maintenance Programme | Flagpole Specialists | FlagPoles Ireland

Flag Maintenance Programme


We offer a custom flag schedule for our corporate clients who require frequent changes either fortnightly or monthly.