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*Product Code: POLELED
*Product Material: Aluminium & LED
*Product Type: Lighting


Brief Description

Using Flags and Banners is the best way to get noticed by the passing audience as they are will naturally get drawn to the display.

Recent scientific research has proven the movemnet in combination with light creates the highest visual attention value. Using Pole LED to illuminate your banners or flags is the best way to attract attention to your branding in the dark by using optimal use of energy and light

Pole LED Illumination provides a system that enables you to illuminate your flags and banners in a unique and effective way. A system that blends in perfectly with the flagpole and makes your flags and banners strikingly visible for potential customers. The use of illumination on any flagpole allows the national flag to be flown 24/7 as this is to comply with national protocol.

Similar Installations

Technical Specifications

PowerLight OutputVoltageLifetime LEDsMaterialNumber of LEDsLight ColourAngleWarranty
25 watts2300 lumen230v+35,000hrsAluminium12pcs5000k11deg and 20deg2 yrs
45 watts5000 lumen230v+35,000hrsAluminium10pcs5000k11deg and 20deg2 yrs


Schools, Clubs, Churches, Pubs, Restaurants, Commercial and Domestic Properties, Shops, Events to name a few

Additional Uses

These can be used an any flagpole as the fixing is adjustable.


Can be used with internal halyard. Larger weight and clamp also available.


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