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*Product Name: Windsock FlagPoles
*Product Code: WINDFGP
*Product Material: Fiberglass or Aluminium
*Product Type: Single Piece Fiberglass Length


Brief Description

Our Classic Fiberglass Flagpoles are a custom design specific to FlagPoles Ireland, With our expert detailed knowledge of flagpoles we commissioned this classic flagpole that simply sits into a ground sleeve making it easily installed and removed should a service or maintenance be required. This pole is exactly the same as the premium hinged base flagpole but just without the metal work associated with the hinged base. By removing this we have greatly reduced the costs associated with installation. As these poles are sleeved they can be easily removed and stored if required. These poles are manufactured in white fibreglass with a hard outer gel coating to assist in protecting against the changing elements of Irish weather. These flagpoles are suitable for adding a rotating banner arm to carry a windsock.

Similar Installations

Technical Specifications

Heights AvailableInternal HalyardExternal HalyardWall ThicknessTop DiameterBase DiameterStandard FinialRecommended Flag SizeNet Weight
6 meteryesyes3mm65mm101mmwhite1800mm x 900mm10kg
7 meteryesyes3mm65mm101mmwhite1800mm x 900mm11kg
8 meteryesyes3mm65mm101mmwhite1800mm x 900mm12kg


Mainly used in Industrial areas hat produce steam/smoke or who are associated with aviation in any way.

Additional Uses

Not applicable to this product.


Gold Finial


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