Fiberglass Anti Rot Fence Posts



Our Fiberglass Anti-rot fence posts are the perfect solution for fencing providing a strong and durable upright to secure fencing to. These posts can be cemented directly into the ground making them extremely robust and most importantly these will not decay with moisture the way timber posts do and will avoid the costly expense in replacement.

These are available in either 1 meter or 2 meter lengths and the diameter of the posts are 101mm OD.

Other lengths are possible so please feel free to call us on 01-5415410 to discuss.

**Please note depending on qty of product ordered we may need to review shipping price after order is placed.

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Our Fiberglass Anti Rot Fence Posts are the perfect solution to rotting fenceposts.

Flag Quality
We recommend that during wet and windy conditions that the flag be lowered and removed from the flagpole. Failure to do this will result in possible damage to the pole and also it will considerable reduce the longevity of the flag. Ideally flags should be flown from dawn to dusk when required.

Flag Lifespan
The life expectancy of a flag is different for all locations.

Flag Options
We also offer a full custom digital printed flag service where you can have your Logo printed on the flag. This is very common with Sports Clubs, Schools, Companies, Societies & Colleges to name a few. Just simply email us a high quality version of your logo and we will arrange a proof, If you don’t have a high quality version of your logo we can arrange to have it redrawn for you at a a small cost. We will then provide you with the High Quality Logos for future use.

FlagPole Ranges
Why not look at our amazing range of fiberglass flagpoles that we offer, All Fiberglass flagpoles come with a 10 year warranty. We have many different options available to suit all kinds of installation requirements. We offer a full nationwide installation, maintenance and service facility from start to finish. Our current range includes Angular Wall Mounted Flagpoles, Classic Fiberglass Flagpoles, Hinged Base Flagpoles, Flat Flange Fiberglass Flagpoles, Flagpoles with rotating banner arms, Flagpoles for car garages to suit branding needs. Banner style lamppost flags and brackets. For our full range please visit 

For more information please feel free to phone us on 01-5415410

Our Fiberglass Anti Rot Fence Posts are the perfect solution to rotting fenceposts.

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1 Meter, 2 Meter