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*Product Name: Premium Hinged Base FlagPoles
*Product Code: PREHIN
*Product Material: Fiberglass or Glassfibre
*Product Type: Single Piece Fiberglass Length


Brief Description

Our Premium Hinged Base Fiberglass Flagpoles are exactly the same poles as our classic sleeved poles just with a hinge. The main purpose of the hinge is to facilitate mounting and removing flags that require the pole to be flat on the ground. This is very common with Banner style flags that are on a rotating banner arm at the top of the pole. These poles are manufactured in white fiberglass with a hard outer gel coating to assist in protecting against the changing elements of Irish weather. They are available with Internal Halyard (Anti Vandal), External or with a rotating a rotating banner arm either.

Similar Installations

Technical Specifications

Dimensions of Basic Flagpole10'0"13'1"16'5"19'8"23'0"26'3"29'9"32'9"36'0"39'4"42'8"46'0"46'9"52'6"55'9"60'0"
Overall length of flagpole A3m4m5m6m7m8m9m10m11m12m13m14m15m16m17m18m
Butt diameter of flagpole95100120120120120140140140140175175175175190190
Top diameter of flagpole65656565656565656565656565656565
Weight of flagpole naked5kg6kg8kg9kg11kg13kg22kg24kg31kg34kg60kg65kg72kg75kg81kg85kg
Weight of flagpole with steelwork20kg21kg23kg25kg36kg38kg45kg48kg100kg105kg112kg115kg126kg130kg
Ext diameter of gold finial120120120120120120120120120120150150150150150150
Maximum flag size1m1.5m1.5m2m2m2.5m3m3m3m3m4m4m4m5m5m5m
Overall length of bolts500500500500500500500500700700700700900900
Dept of bolts in concrete B425425425425425425425425610610610610800800
Diameter of foundation bolts C1616161616161616202020202020
Hole Centres D135135135135135135135135175175175175230230
Hole Centres E128128128128128128128128145145145145200200
Baseplate dimensions F180180180180180180180180225225225225280280
Baseplate dimensions G180180180180180180180180225225225225280280
Internal Halyard door L1.
Ground Collar Dimensions M108 (ID) 385 (OD)125 (ID) 385 (OD)145 (ID) 385 (OD)180 (ID) 445 (OD)195 (ID) 445 (OD)


Schools, Clubs, Churches, Pubs, Restaurants, Commercial and Domestic Properties, Shops, Events to name a few

Additional Uses

These poles are ideal for Rental as they can be easily installed on a temporary basis.


Gold Finial
Rotating Banner Arm
Spider Arm


The supplied ground sleeve for our Classic Fiberglass Flagpoles is 600mm x 110mm. This is set into concrete ensuring it is plumb. The volume of concrete depends on the annual ground condition. Please contact us on 01 541 5410 for assistance if required.


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