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*Product Name: Portable Telescopic FlagPoles
*Product Code: TELPOR
*Product Material: Aluminium/Plastic
*Product Type: Telescopic Aluminium FlagPole


Brief Description

Telescopic Portable Flagpoles are most commonly used at festivals are at product launches or promotions. As they are easily transportable they can be used freely and transported in a standard size car.
The telescopic flagpole and base is manufactured from anodized aluminium which fits into a plastic molded four section base that requires filling with water or sand to ensure adequate stability.

5.3 Metre Giant Telescopic Flagpole

3 Metre Mini Telescopic Flagpole

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Transport
  • Lightweight
  • Water fallible bases
  • large four section water fill base​
  • Anodized aluminium flagpole

Similar Installations

Technical Specifications


Schools, Clubs, Churches, Pubs, Restaurants, Commercial and Domestic Properties, Shops, Events to name a few

Additional Uses

These poles are ideal for Rental as they can be easily installed on a temporary basis.


Upgrades are not applicable to this item


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